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Put Together the Perfect Care Package for Our Troops


When you’re far from home, there’s nothing more comforting than a reminder someone is thinking of you. For the men and women serving our country, care packages go a long way in boosting morale. They show the members of our Armed Forces we’re behind them, and we’re thinking of them! At Alta Citizen, we’re all about supporting our troops. Read on to find out how to create the perfect care package.

Decide How to Donate

If you want to show your support by sending a general package or donation, there are organizations to help you do that! The U.S. Department of Defense provides a list of organizations dedicated to getting care packages to our troops. Once you’ve decided what organization to send a care package through, go to their site for detailed instructions on how to best send your thoughtful donation.

Plan What to Include

Plan what you want to put in your package – and what’s approved to send – before going out and buying a bunch of items. Consider what food, entertainment, toiletries, clothing, photos, and other items might be most appreciated. Books, crosswords, foam balls, and handheld electronics are small to send and can provide hours of entertainment. Think about the climate your service member is living in to include the right personal belongings – for example, warm gloves for a cold climate or lip balm for a dry one.

Pack Smart

When it comes to compiling your package, make sure to check size and weight limits for the area you’re sending to, and pack smart! recommends putting in useful items as filler instead of wasteful packing peanuts or plain paper. For example, stuff in your local newspaper or small packages of facial tissue around the items you’re sending to create a cushion that service members can actually read or use. If you’re sending snacks, it’s smart to use hard containers instead of bags so the food doesn’t get crushed. For perishable items find out how long it will take the package to get to its destination and what kind of climate it will be in. If you’re sending the package somewhere warm, think about swapping out those chocolate chip cookies for a candy that won’t melt.

Make it Personal

Remember that simple items can sometimes be what service members miss most! Before sending off you’re package consider including a note or letter that thanks the person for their service to give your package that meaningful extra touch.

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