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Get Organized: Your Guide to a Stress-Free New Year


It happens to everyone. Throughout the year, you pull clothing, papers, tools, and other things out of your cupboards, closets, and drawers and they never quite make it back. Then, when it’s time to straighten up, everything has somehow doubled in size! With the new year here, it’s a great time to reorganize – not just your home, but your office, too. Check out our handy organizing guide, and find the perfect place for all your things. 

Minimize Your Mail

Immediately start clearing the clutter and keeping it away by not letting any piece of mail sit overnight. By filing, paying, or discarding each piece as you open it, you can keep on top of your mail situation and prevent piles. You can even register online with the Direct Marketing Association to cut down on your overall junk mail!

Fix Up Your Filing

If you find yourself with stacks of papers that have nowhere to go, it might be time to revamp your filing system. A good place to start is by saving and storing things like bank statements and receipts in your email archives or in your computer or cloud storage. Next, divide your physical files into high-level categories like “Home,” “Personal,” and “Office,” and then subdivide from there. Make sure you have a storage space with room to grow, whether that’s a small plastic file box or a three-drawer cabinet. And the storage space should be easily accessible, so papers don’t pile up because you don’t want to deal with digging through your closet or garage to unearth your cabinet.

Clear Closet Clutter

One way to just make your closet feel more organized without making a big change is to buy all matching hangers. Wood looks good, but even plastic is fine, just as long as they’re all the same color. The next step is to hang everything with the hanger turned the wrong way. Every time you wear something and return it to the closet, turn the hanger around the correct way. Pretty quickly you’ll be able to tell which items you no longer wear and may want to part with!

Stop Junk at the Door

This tip works for both your home and office. Create a designated place for you to unload your hands and pockets when you enter your space. Think a small table near the door that holds a tray, some kind of box for odd-shaped items, and a trash can for easy disposal. At the end of the every week, you can return to the scene of the crime and move the small items to their forever homes.

Group Like Items

This works as well for cleaning chemicals as it does for pens and pencils, books, and magazines, making it a great solution to keep your apartment organized. Use old tupperware, empty boxes covered in cute paper, and extra jars to store like items together, in your cabinets, so it’s easier to find just what you need when you need it. Adding labels can be helpful here, too.

Put Things Away

It seems obvious, but just making a conscious effort to put things away when you’re done with them can make all the difference. You’ve done all the hard work of getting organized – make it last by making a commitment to keeping it that way!

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