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Awesome 20-Minute Cardio Machine HIIT Workout


Looking to mix things up at the gym? High-Intensity Interval Training – also known as HIIT – is a great way to keep from getting bored on the cardio machines and get some serious sweat going. Choose your favorite machine and try one – or all – of the following workouts!

Take Over the Treadmill

  • Start with a five-minute brisk walk with zero incline. You should begin to feel warm at the end of this time, but still have complete control over your breathing.
  • Now we’re ready to get to business. Keep the incline flat and alternate between 30-second sprints and one-minute recovery walks eight times, totaling 12 minutes.
  • The hard work is behind you! Complete the remaining workout with a three minute slow walk.

Tip: Your sprinting pace and your recovery pace depend on you and your fitness level. Since every day is different and everyone is on a different journey, you can estimate your speed by your perceived exertion. Your sprint should be difficult but manageable for the entire 30 seconds so that by the end you are out of breath. Your recovery pace should be a nice and easy walk or jog with the goal of bringing your heart rate back down to normal as much as possible.

Elevate Your Elliptical Game

  • Begin with a light, five minute jog using an easy incline and resistance.
  • Bring up your pace to a manageable run and bump your resistance and incline to feel like you are heading up a small hill. Keep this pace for five minutes.
  • You’re halfway through the workout! Let’s do a few sprinting intervals. Keep your resistance and incline the same as above, but bring up your pace to a hard run or sprint for 30 seconds. Allow for a 30-second recovery – bringing your pace down slowly but keeping the resistance the same. Repeat this sprint-recovery pattern six times.
  • End with four minutes of easy incline and resistance to cool down.

Step Up With the Stair Climber

  • To warm up, climb slowly for three minutes at a consistent pace.
  • Now we’re getting to the good part – for the next five minutes, increase your speed by one level after every minute that passes.
  • After five minutes are up, bring your speed back to where you began and repeat the step above two more times through.
  • Nice work! For the remaining two minutes, drop your speed back to your warm-up pace and enjoy a well-deserved cool down.

There you go! Three heart-pounding cardio machine workouts to try next time you’re at the Alta Citizen fitness center. Be sure to check out the rest of our blogs for more life hacks and workout ideas.

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